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Power Rankings

Through Week 16

The current power rankings as well as the rankings for the previous two weeks are listed below. Power rankings are intended to be an indication of how good teams are. They are based on points scored and potential points, with a weighing factor for more recent games. Record plays no role in the actual ranking. Therefore, it is possible for a team with a poorer record to appear high in the rankings an vice versa. Rankings are to be used for entertainment purposes only.

TeamCurrent Rating Last WeekWeek 14
Norsemen 124.88 120.97 115.32
MeggaMen 112.24 117.02 122.04
Testudos Revenge 100.85 102.22  97.61
Crusaders  96.66 100.82 103.13
Amish Electricians  90.16  94.25  98.70
Fighting Squirrels  88.42  93.40  91.79
Trump Molests Collies  84.03  87.59  92.07
Richard's Lionhearts  83.86  88.61  88.04
British Bulldogs  83.83  89.06  89.70
Sean Taylor's Ashes  82.95  87.20  90.36
Gallic Warriors  81.58  85.53  91.45
Sacks on the Beach  76.60  79.93  83.50

Week 17 Lines

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