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Schedule Luck

Through Week 14

Schedule Luck is an evaluation of how a team's record compares to what it "should be". It is determined by calculating what a team's record would be if they played every other team, every week and comparing that to what their record actually is. A positive number indicates that the team's schedule has been favorable to them and that their record is better than it "should" be. A negative number indicates that the schedule has been unfavorable. The higher the number (positive or negative) the more lucky (or unlucky) the schedule has been. Any team whose luck is within the statistical significance has a fairly accurate record. These numbers are updated every Tuesday afternoon.

Current statistical significance: +/- 7.1

TeamLuck Rating
Richard's Lionhearts 21.4
Testudos Revenge 21.1
Crusaders 14.6
Trump Molests Collies 3.2
Gallic Warriors 2.9
Amish Electricians 1.3
Sacks on the Beach 0.3
Norsemen -1.3
Fighting Squirrels -5.5
Sean Taylor's Ashes -9.7
British Bulldogs-28.6

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