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Waiver Wire

The waiver selection order for Week 11.
  1. Trump Molests Collies
  2. British Bulldogs
  3. Testudos Revenge
  4. Fighting Squirrels
  5. Amish Electricians
  6. Sean Taylor's Ashes
  7. Norsemen
  8. Gallic Warriors
  9. Richard's Lionhearts
  10. MeggaMen
  11. Crusaders
  12. Sacks on the Beach

Last Week's waiver pickups

1.MeggaMenDarius Slayton (WR-NYG)
2.Sacks on the BeachBrian Hill (RB-ATL)
3.CrusadersKyle Allen (QB-CAR)
4.Sacks on the BeachDaniel Jones (QB-NYG)
5.Sacks on the BeachTyler Eifert (TE-CIN)
6.Sacks on the BeachMatt Prater (K-DET)

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