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The Fighting Squirrels

Owner: Andy Eckert
Member in 1996 (now Defunct)

One cold day back in 1995 Andrew Evan Eckert had a vision. A team for the Watkins Mill Fantasy Footbal League that wouldn't care about winnning, they cared about having fun. In the season of 1996, Capt. Eckert's vision came to life. His team had an amazing debut season at 2 and 10. No ties! After that killer season the team had an important choice, merge with another team. Team owner Tim Shoobridge had a team with a winning record, Tsunami! With Tim's fighting spirit and Andrew's Fun-Lovin' their teams join to create the Hempaholics. With a tie for first place in their division, the Hempaholics kick tons of ass. What is in store for this team? Only the future will tell.
AEE 11-10-97


All-Time2100 .167
19962100.167 5th Place - Orange Division

Past Owners
1996Andy Eckert
Past Names
1996The Fighting Squirrels

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