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Current Rule Proposals

This is the list of proposals to be voted on for the 2018 WMFFL season. If you would like to suggest a rule proposal, you may do so on the proposals page. The part of each proposal that appears in Italics is what effect this proposal will have on the ruleset, if passed.

Proposal 2020.1 - Add Injured Reserve Sponsor: Jon Hall
Status: Under consideration
Add an injured reserve. Any player on the NFL IR may be designated by the WMFFL team as an IR player. If so designated that player will remain on their roster but will not count towards the 25 rostered players. A player on IR may not be activated. Once removed from the IR by the NFL team, the player must be removed from the WMFFL IR and the team must restore thier roster limits.
Add rule IV.C reading:
C. Any player listed by the NFL as being on injured reserve, may be played on IR by the WMFFL team
     1. The WMFFL team must explicitly designate a player as being on IR
     2. Any player on IR will not be counted towards the roster limits in rule IV.A.
     3. When the NFL removes a player from IR, the will be removed from the WMFFL IR
Add rule V.A.3.d reading:
d. Activating a player on IR will result in a $1 fine and a 2 point penalty per violation
Proposal 2020.2 - Require Monday Night Activations Sponsor: Josh Utterback
Status: Under consideration
Each week every WMFFL team must activate at least one player whose team plays on Monday night. Failure to do so will result in that team's flex player being considered an illegal activation.
Add rule V.A.3.d (or V.A.3.e if proposal 2020.1 passes) reading:
d. Failure to activate a player whose NFL team plays on Monday will result in the flex position activation being treated as if they were not on an NFL team
     i. This restriction will be waived in any week where there are not any NFL games scheduled for Monday.

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