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Player Single Season Records

1Bill Belichick200789
2Tony Dungy200787
3Mike McCarthy201187
4Mike Smith201280
5Bill Belichick201677
6Bill Belichick201075
7Jim Caldwell200974
8Norv Turner200974
9Sean Payton201873
10Mike Vrabel200571
11Bill Belichick200971
1Aaron Rodgers2011360
2Tom Brady2007348
3Peyton Manning2013345
4Peyton Manning2004322
5Drew Brees2011304
6Tom Brady2015293
7Daunte Culpepper2004289
8Patrick Mahomes2018289
9Steve Young1994287
10Drew Brees2012280
1LaDainian Tomlinson2006333
2Priest Holmes2002302
3Emmitt Smith1995262
4Priest Holmes2003248
5Terrell Davis1998241
6Todd Gurley2017239
7Todd Gurley2018234
8Christian McCaffrey2018232
9Shaun Alexander2005231
10LaDainian Tomlinson2003227
1Antonio Brown2015214
2Antonio Brown2014202
3Randy Moss2003193
4Cris Carter1995192
5Marvin Harrison2001192
6Herman Moore1995181
7Davante Adams2018178
8Randy Moss2007177
9Antonio Brown2017177
10Jerry Rice1995175
11Terrell Owens2001175
12Marvin Harrison2002175
1Rob Gronkowski2011169
2Zach Ertz2018152
3Travis Kelce2018141
4Antonio Gates2005138
5Tony Gonzalez2000133
6Antonio Gates2004133
7Jimmy Graham2013126
8Jason Witten2007122
9Rob Gronkowski2014121
10Tony Gonzalez2008118
11Rob Gronkowski2015118
1Stephen Gostkowski2017171
2Greg Zuerlein2017165
3Stephen Gostkowski2014155
4Stephen Gostkowski2013151
5Matt Prater2013149
6Jeff Wilkins2003147
7Steven Hauschka2013147
8Wil Lutz2018143
9Adam Vinatieri2016142
10Stephen Gostkowski2015141
1Buffalo Bills2016163
2Tennessee Titans2009154
3Pittsburgh Steelers2001151
4Atlanta Falcons2006151
5Los Angeles Chargers2006150
6Pittsburgh Steelers1997147
7Denver Broncos1998146
8Atlanta Falcons2005142
9Dallas Cowboys2016142
10Denver Broncos2004141
1J.J. Watt2014157
2Michael Strahan2001125
3Jared Allen2011119
4Jared Allen2007117
5J.J. Watt2012110
6Jared Allen2009109
7Justin Tuck2008108
8Jared Allen2006107
9Simeon Rice2003106
10Jason Taylor2002103
1Ray Lewis2003164
2Ray Lewis1999159
3Derrick Brooks2002159
4Donnie Edwards2004153
5Brian Urlacher2001148
6Derrick Brooks2002148
7Karlos Dansby2013146
8London Fletcher2006145
9Patrick Willis2009143
10Patrick Willis2008139
1Reshad Jones2015153
2Edward Reed2004149
3Rodney Harrison1997146
4Landon Collins2016142
5Adrian Wilson2006139
6Ronde Barber2006137
7Edward Reed2003134
8Adrian Wilson2005132
9Charles Tillman2012124
10Rodney Harrison2000123

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