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Awards for 1996

Best First Round Pick | | Best Defensive Player | | Most Valuable Player
All-Blue Team | | All-Orange Team

Best 1st First Round Pick

Joey Galloway - WR - Warriors

Best Defensive Player

Zach Thomas - LB - Slayers

Most Valuable Player

Green Bay Quarterback - Norsemen

All-Blue Team

HCMarv LevyArchers Who Say Ni
RBEmmitt SmithBarbarians
RBRicky WattersArchers Who Say Ni
WRHerman MooreArchers Who Say Ni
WRJoey GallowayWarriors
TEShannon SharpeBarbarians
DLBruce SmithIradicators
DLEric SwannIradicators
LBJunior SeauWarriors
LBKen NortonIradicators
DBRod WoodsonBarbarians
DBTodd LyghtIradicators

All-Orange Team

HCBill CowherNorsemen
QBGreen BayNorsemen
RBTerrell DavisNorsemen
RBTerry AllenRenegades
WRTony MartinNorsemen
WRCarl PickensRenegades
TEKen DilgerSlayers
KSan DiegoTsunami
DLChris DolemanFighting Squirrels
DLWayne MartinRenegades
LBZach ThomasSlayers
LBSam MillsRenegades
DBLeroy ButlerNorsemen
DBVictor GreenSlayers

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