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Awards for 1993

Best First Round Pick | | Best Defensive Player | | Most Valuable Player
All-Blue Team | | All-Orange Team

Best 1st First Round Pick

Sterling Sharpe - WR - Slayers

Best Defensive Player

Jack Del Rio - LB - Slayers

Most Valuable Player

Jerry Rice - WR - Barbarians

All-Blue Team

HCWayne FontesBarbarians
RBEmmitt SmithBarbarians
RBRicky WattersWarriors
WRJerry RiceBarbarians
WRMicheal IrvinZebus
TEKeith JacksonArchers
KNew OrleansArchers
DLBruce SmithZebus
DLChris DolemanArchers
LBJunior SeauWarriors
LBHardy NickersonBarbarians
DBKurt GouvieaArchers
DBRod WoodsonBarbarians

All-Orange Team

HCGeorge SeyfirtSlayers
RBThurman ThomasRenegades
RBMarcus AllenSlayers
WRSterling SharpeSlayers
WRAndre RisonPitbulls
TEBrent JonesTsunami
OLSan FransicoPitbulls
DLLeslie O'NealSlayers
DLReggie WhiteTsunami
LBJack Del RioSlayers
LBKen NortonSlayers
DBDarrell GreenSlayers
DBEric AllenTsunami

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